Dashboards have poor quality for presentations



I've seen this question asked throughout a few years and hopefully they have a solution as they sell this product claiming it has amazing dashboards.

While using the dashboards aren't so bad the quality is turning out to be unprofessinal.

I'm making sure my browser is at 100% but these dashboards are blurry and grainy looking. I'm being asked by our Board to make it clearer but you can't so I have to find other software to fix the issue.

Is there any solutions besides going with another software? My text modules look great, it's the charts and graphs that look like it was done with a melted crayon.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sinema

    If your browser is at 100% and the resolution hasn't resolved for your charts, then the next thing to test would be to try a different browser (see here).

    Then, if a different browser hasn't helped, this may be related to an issue that our Product Team has identified when re-sizing chart widgets. They are actively working on a solution to this, and I suspect that this will be improved when the new update to Dashboards is released (currently expected in early 2021). You can sign up to receive alerts when we have new releases from this page, here.