How do I link a field in metadata to its metadata in a Blueprint


I have a Blueprint setup with a field "Risk - Open" in the Blueprint but not included in the profile data selection so does not appear in the Portfolio Summary Rollup sheet. but already exists in project metadata sheets created from the Blueprint.

I have selected this field in the Blueprint portfolio data selection and in Customise Profile Data selected the target column as value and included it in Blueprint summary sheet. This has resulted in the field being added to the Portfolio Summary Rollup sheet but without a link so is not populated.

How do I get a link created from the "Risk - Open" field in the project metadata sheet to the corresponding field in the Portfolio Summary Rollup sheet?

I am new to smartsheet and the Control Center so this is not obvious.

Thanks in advance.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Bruce Richardson

    The first thing to check in the Customize Profile Data section of the Blueprint is Behaviour field - have you set it to "Cell Link"?

    You may need to expand the "Show Advanced" section to see this field. Let me know if this was the issue!



  • Hi Genevieve,

    The field is set up as follows:

    To get a "Cell Link" I need to change the field to be populated from the intake sheet, but this data does not come from here.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Bruce Richardson

    Thank you for clarifying!

    Based on this set-up, it looks like your project sheet column "Risk - Open" is correctly set up to update the column called "Value" in your Summary Sheet. This means that yes, you should see an inbound link where this data is coming from in the Summary Sheet, with different projects on each row.

    I would check to make sure that the Value column is the correct type of column to house the data you're looking to link over.

    Then in order to help further it would be useful to see in a screen capture with how the Summary Sheet is displaying this data (or lack thereof) in the Value column. I would actually recommend reaching out to Smartsheet Support and provide them with these images so that they can troubleshoot this with you in a private manner, one-on-one.

    I hope this helps,