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I've got a simple form that we send to a manager to complete details for their new employee. The form is started by me in that I add the new employee basic details onto the Smartsheet. I want to then send a form to the manager, with 3-4 pre-set fields already completed (Name, location, etc.)

I could use an update request but I prefer using the form because it looks much nicer and you can have the additional help text under each question. I will have an alert email going to the manager with the basic details as fields in the alert text and a custom URL and wanted to also have the basic fields on the form..

I've created a URL as follows with just one field selected for the moment,

="" + [Employee Name]@row

My issue is that for some reason, the employee name field is only taking the employees first name and not the full name from the field.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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  • Perfect, works correctly, thanks for this Andrée

  • Quick question, I have the system working perfectly, one sheet tracks all my manager requests and a second sheet holds their completed forms. The first sheet has the URL which sends them then second sheet form with pre-populated fields.

    Everything works except the date filed. In both sheets, the format is set as DD/MM/YYYY but when the second form opens with the present value in the URL, it has the correct date but shows it as DD/MM/YY so puts an error when you submit and the user has to change the date to DD/MM/YYYY

    Is their anyway to ensure that the date gets sent in the URL as DD/MM/YYYY?

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