Dynamic View & a Shared User Not Able to See Data


I have multiple Dynamic Views shared out to various individuals based on which View pertains to what person. No one is reporting any issues aside from one person with one specific view. I've removed the person from the View and added him back in and when he logs in he can't see anything (and there's a lot of data in the View). Any suggestions?


  • Aravind GP
    Aravind GP ✭✭✭

    Hi Marisa,

    Is a similar view created for other users where they are able to see the data? You can check in the config if you've any filters added in "Restrict view by sheet filter" and if you've selected the appropriate column in "Restrict view by current user". The column you've selected in view by current user should have the same email address you've used as to the one you're sharing the view with.



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