How can I align and/or centre my widgets on a Dashboard?

I have about 20 different widgets on a dashboard. I'm looking for a way to easily align selected widgets without having to count how many grid squares are between them. I'm thinking about the function in Visio or Adobe that lets you highlight a number of items and then align them by top, left, right or centre.

This issue occurs because I have about 10 identical dashboards for different projects. If I change one, I then have to change the other 9.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




  • Hello @Trinity Brookes ,

    As of now, there's no dedicated feature for alignment of widgets. With this, please can you raise an Enhancement Request here.

    If you have identical Dashboards, you could move and align your widgets on one Dashboard, and then duplicate the Dashboard, and change the source Sheet/Data to match what were on the other Dashboards.

    Let me know if you have any questions!



  • Thanks Sean, I will raise a request. I did try to duplicate the dashboard as I have about 20 of them but I found that when I changed the source sheet/data; it reset my font size, colour changes back to the default and I needed to redo them. Is there a way to avoid having to redo the colour/font changes?

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  • Hi Everyone. I'm coming across this need as well (to align widgets in the dashboard). Has there been any news as to whether this is something that will be implemented at some point?


  • Sandra Murray
    Sandra Murray ✭✭✭✭

    No alignment option two years later - Smartsheet - your product lacks BASIC functionality! Community members - please give me another production option.