Smartsheet Problem: modification of cardViewbyColumID by the browser while opening URL

Currently we face a Problem while using URL´s to specific CardViews of a Smartsheet table. We use a dashboard as access point to different card views of one smarsheet table. The respective card views are saved as URL´s to predefined settings of a combination of a preset filter and view by column ID.

That means, clicking the link on the dashboard exactly that default combination of filter setting and view by column ID should show up.

This was great for the last year but it doesn´t work any longer.

Currently the behavior is, that clicking one of the URLs on the dashboard the card view opens with the right filter but not with the right setting for view by column ID. By watching carefully the right section of the address bar of the browser in the attached 6 second video you can see that the browser opens the correct URL and then it changes the part of the URL that defines the cardViewbyColum ID.

URL Example:

The Bold part of the URL is the part that changes.

As a result always the setting regarding cardViewbyColum ID of the last saving of the smartsheet table will show up instead of the setting defined in the URL.

This is repeatable and it´s independent of browser type (Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome).

Can you please advise how to fix that problem, so that the URLs will show up as they did before with the predefined combination of filter and view by column ID?

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