Is there a way to run a report on a user's activity?


I know I can run their smartsheet access report but that doesn't give me the information I need. I think the best way to explain what I am looking for is to give an example. I am trying to create dashboards for some of the executives so they have their most used smartsheets all in one place. The user access report says when the last time a sheet they are shared to/owns is modified but that doesn't specifically mean by that user. I want to know which ones they use most however I don't know of a way to do this without going into each of the sheets they are shared to and looking at the activity log for this information. As you can imagine, someone with over 400 sheets, that is going to be extremely time consuming. Is there a report I can run that will tell me the last time the user modified or viewed a sheet?


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    Hi @adegeus101536,

    interesting question :-)

    The first idea coming to my mind is using system columns (modified by + date of modification) but this requires these columns to be present in every single sheet. If you use Control Center (SCC) this could be a way, if all the sheets are under control of SCC. A report based on this data could maybe help you to identify the sheets for the dashboards.

    Second thought is that it would actually be nice, if there would be a widget for favorites. I will add this as an enhancement request:

    If you like, add your voice.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks Stefan! I'll follow the link and add my voice as well.