Clicking a Widget returns a a smartsheet that is filtered?

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Here is the issue I am trying to solve:

I have a status report widget that is displayed for a number of users. When they click on it, I would like to link it to the source but only for their section (pre-filter it). Is that possible? I don't want to restrict access (use the advanced viewer radio button).

The scenario: 3 teams (Legal, construction, Resorts) use the same smartsheet and status reports. Legal wants to update their tasks. When they click on the widget, it returns the full unfiltered sheet. They then need to select the filter, etc.

What I want to happen: When they click on the status report, return only those tasks that are for legal (default filter for them only). They can turn it off, but just show their items only. So I would like to do a "user assigned to group" filter (?).

Thanks in advance....

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  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @DEW

    You could use a filter with Current User, and then it would only show the matching rows to the user that clicked the widget.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Leibel S
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    If you filter a sheet you will see that the URL in your browser will add &filterId=765765765765 (a number representing the filter).

    Use this for the link to the sheet and it will be automatically filtered when opened.

  • DEW
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    Answer ✓

    Andrée Starå solution worked perfectly - I wasn't thinking about current user - Thank you so much!!

    Leibel S's solution did not work as the URL does not change based on filtering.

  • Leibel S
    Leibel S ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    It seems as though you made a filter in your sheet to work with Current User applied this filter and saved. You then added a widget with a Smartsheet Item link to this sheet.

    In your case the sheet will open to the filter because you have last saved your sheet this way but another user clicking on it will not automatically have this filter. As well even if they do have it if they remove it for whatever reason the next time they open the sheet they will not have the filter anymore.

    The solution to this is to add a URL link (not Smartsheet item) to your widget and this URL included the &filterId= with the filter number.

    This makes it that no matter who opens it and what they saved previously, the filter will be automatically applied.

    As well, with this process you can have multiple links on your widget and/or other dashboards each with their own filter for the specific use case you require there.