Sharing reports without sharing the source data sheet

Hi Smart Sheet Community,

maybe this question has been answered before but I couldn't find it in the forum.

I have a main data sheet and I want to share a report for easier collaboration with other departments in my company. Reports are great as they only show a selected set of columns and information without showing sensitive information that I don't want to share.

However, in order for the report to be editable for external collaborators, I seem to have to also share the source data sheet, which then makes all the sensitive information visible to all.

An alternative to keep the sensitive information from being shared, I know I can publish the report rather than share it. But then I have the issue that the team can not edit the report anymore...

Is there another way of sharing reports with a team without sharing the source report with sensitive information and keep the report editable for collaboration?

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  • Lhahn
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    Hi @Antje B. -

    I recently ran into the same thing (just today actually with a co-worker). What is odd, is I used to be able to share a sheet without sharing the source sheet I thought. That must have changed with Dynamic View and other Reporting updates.

    I've used "helper sheets" in the past to do side calculations on main sheets, but with the introduction of Sheet Summary's that went away some. Helper sheets are essentially supporting sheets that use formulas to provide the view of data required. You could build a secondary sheet with cell links or formulas that show the report view you're looking for without the use of a report.

    Hope this helps!


  • Lhahn
    Lhahn ✭✭
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