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Calendar - How Do I Add Times for start and end of meetings, etc.

Kel Kyle
Kel Kyle
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I'm new to SS and cannot yet figure out why the calendar doesn't allow me to display start and end times for meetings, etc. Is this possible? If so, where is this done? All I see is date related not time.


Thank you!!!


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Smartsheet does not handle time very well.

    In addition, the text that is displayedi in the Calendar view is from the Primary column and can not be changed to a different column (unlike the Gantt chart view)

    If we could, then we could create a column to capture your start/end times (assuming they are in the sheet) and display them.

    But we can't.



  • Shawn R

    The calendar view only really works for dates and not specific time as Craig has stated. So if any portion of a date has something in it, it will popoulate it for the whole day. Works great for showing which people are on vacation and their return date, not so great for showing meetings in hours.

  • Kel Kyle

    Thank you. This is a deal breaker for our organization unfortunately. Frown We really like the product overall and were pushing for a budget to upgrade,  but we need that feature in particular. Appreciate your answer.

  • Fred Meissner

    Not a great solution, but I have two dropdown columns for start time and end time, and then I concatenate that with a description in the Primary column.  This displays nicely in the calendar.

  • jesse@fit

    Hi Craig,

    Do you know if a single row can generate multiple calendar items?

    I know you can have both single dates and ranges if they're in multiple rows, but I'd like to have both.

    e.g. Within a single row of a project summary,  I have columns with a migration date, and a range of dates for support.

    Can I display both in a single sheet's calendar view?

  • Charlee Foster


    Are you able to show a screen shot of how you've done this? I'm very interested.

  • Fred Meissner

    The calendar block will display the contents of the Primary column, so the formula for the Primary column would be:

    [Machine Shop Employee]1 + " (" + Responsibility1 + ") " + " [" + [Start Time]1 + " - " + [End Time]1 + "]"



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