Lookup contact name from email address



Users enter data into a sheet via a Form. One of the columns is a "Created By" system column. This provides me with the email address. Is there a function to lookup the name from the contact list based on the email address.

I'm aware that I could achieve something similar by have a second sheet with Names and email addresses. However, this would be duplication of data.


  • Nick Brisson

    If you set your Contact List to Allow Multiple Contacts per cell and check them all off then they would all be listed at once.

    In another column, you can add a formula to Find the Created By within your Contact List.

    =IF(FIND([Created By]@row, [Contact List]@row) > 0, "Existing Contact", "New")

    Tested it on my end and it worked.

  • Michael Halhead

    Hi Nick,

    I appreciate the suggestion. Unfortunately this doesn't meet my requirements. I'm attempting to minimize duplicate entry as this minimize errors.

    As I already have the email address I really should be able to lookup against the contact list. I suspect this is a feature request.

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