Why did new report builder not translate logic from old report builder?


A previous report logic is not working in new report builder. I have, so far, been able to duplicate the logic of the old report filtering using the new report builder



  • Debbie Sawyer
    Debbie Sawyer ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Are you able to explain what has disappeared/stopped working?

  • Dale Heincelman
    Dale Heincelman ✭✭✭✭✭

    I created a report that pulls from a sheet that filters using the columns listed (there are additional columns but do not factor into the filtering):

    Type - drop down values= Risk, Action, Issue, Decision, Enhancement, Team Meeting, Agenda Item

    Status - drop down Open/Closed

    Resolution date - date field

    Filter logic was:

    Select type = Action, Team Meeting, Agenda Item

    Where Status = Open, Resolution date = blank or in the last 7 days

    I just discovered the real issue may be an interaction with the browser. I was working with 2 different reports with this same filter in the same browser and the new report generator (source selection) would re-direct the source back and forth between the 2 reports. So it may not be an issue that the new report filter did not translate but having the same report open in the same browser switches the source. I was able to validate this by using MS Edge and Internet Explorer (since my employer only has MS products) and opening one report in each browser type.

    Data communication between instances of the same browser is a design feature of the newer browsers. I'm not sure there is configuration with MS edge to turn this off, I was never able to turn this off manually or programmatically with Internet Explorer for a web app I created. This issue has the possibility of data corruption of other similar sheets opened in instance of the same browser.

    This needs to be brought to the attention of Smartsheet development.

  • Douglas.Thorpe70711

    Many of the filters for our reports were deleted in the transfer to the new Report Builder system, so our reports no longer function correctly. This "update" should be rolled back or fixed.