Using Smartsheet within Power Virtual Agent


I am using the Teams PVA to get responses to log into a Smartsheet form, however, when I go to sign in to Smartsheet within the PVA version of Power Automate, I get this error: Unable to deserialize cloned data due to invalid or unsupported version. Also, a window pops up for authentication but it is blank except for the spinning "thinking" circle.

When I use Power Automate outside of Teams, it works fine.

How can I clear this error?


  • Sean Morgan

    Hello @Stacy Henderson ,

    Are you doing this through a browser, or through desktop clients? If you're doing this through a Browser, please ensure you are using Google Chrome, and that you are on the most recent version, 87.0.

    If you are doing this through Desktop Clients, you may wish to uninstall, and reinstall these to verify if you are using the most recent version of these applications.

    Please note that you may also wish to reach out to the Smartsheet Support team for if the above does not work. This can be done here:

    Kindest Regards


  • I only have this issue when trying to connect to Smartsheet from within Microsoft Teams using the Power Virtual Agent functions.