Contract Managment set build assistance

SharonR ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 06/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Has anyone created a contract management set that links all variations/milestone requirement & payments/ reporting and review dates.

The contract set in the solution centre does not suit my office size or way we work. I don't want the top-level source sheet to be bogged down with too many details so i need the underlying sheets to provide/filter/source the information directly relating to that contract. So the top-level sheet should link me to the milestones for that contract (only) or the variation details, and this information is located and managed on underlying source sheets.

I understand that the set i am looking at will have multiple layers and functions.

Without writing a novel, i hope i have provided enough details to get someone advice or assistance with this.

Anyone out there can help with the best tips and tricks or best practise for this type of request.


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