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Any way to add some info OUTSIDE the cells or expand ONE cell only?

Is there a way to add info to the sheet that would show outside the cells?  i.e. carve out a space in the upper left part of the sheet to identify some items without them being in a row or column? Or if the upper left cell could be expanded AND formatted to add infor I'd want to see each time I open the sheet, but is not something to be put in the "list".  I want to create a template where this info might change with each sheet and needs to be filled in.   I tried to expand a cell by using "wrap", but unless I put in spaces as placeholders (that would have to be removed when I fill in each unique sheet), it didn't work.


Cooperating Agent:





Something like this.  Where I would fill it in differently after the colon, for each sheet.  These are not people I would assign line items to, but are people I may need to contact or be on record for the project.  LIke a template within the sheet itself.



  • Have you tried entering the above information as a comment to a the first row? That's how we handle multi-line items that don't warranty their own row in the sheet. I know when you duplicate a sheet you can choose to keep the comments and attachments.

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