Is there a way to use automation to Create a Workflow to automatically add or delete rows to Smartsheet based on changes to a linked document if additional lines are added to the linked document? Scenario: I have developed a Smartsheet to Track the progress of vendors in construction projects. The vendors each send in updates on the projects in Excel each week, sometimes they add new projects, the Smartsheet is Set-Up based on construction site, with vendors providing updates on each location they are working on, each vendor has ten lines already assigned in Smartsheet to pull linked data. I was told by another user that they had seen where automation was used to automatically add or delete rows, for example if one of the vendors added more that ten lines on there document, that Smartsheet could be set-up using automation to recognize that additional lines had been added to the linked sheet and to automatically add or delete rows in the Tracking Smartsheet. Is this possible?


  • David Joyeuse
    David Joyeuse ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Elliott Hawkes

    Yeah you could make it work, somehow, but that would require a bit of work.

    First it would require two sheets. One that is your Smartsheet Track, and the other to paste in the Excel file of your vendors.

    Then you'd have to create on helper column on each sheet, being a checkbox type.

    On your smartsheet Track, have the checkbox checked if the line doesn't exist anymore on the second sheet. If this box is checked, then move the row to a bin sheet.

    On the second sheet have the checkbox checked if the linde doesn't exist on your Smartsheet Track. If this box is checled, then copy/move the row to your Smartsheet Track.

    That's the theory for now, a few screens could help more if needed to sort out rows between the two sheets and say which one have to be copy or deleted.

    Hope it helped!