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Schedule Duration Issues

Megan Burns
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I've been working in a CPM schedule. The original showed a 141 day duration, starting 12/12 and ending 05/04. I'm updating some of the relationships as I had to rearrange the work pattern a bit, now my schedule shows 144 days, starting 12/12 and ending 6/29. Does anyone have an answer as to how I gained only 3 days duration yet two full months were tacked onto my end date? I have a feeling it's the way Smartsheet defines duration... but I would thing duration is linked to the days between the start and end of a project.


Insight would be appreciated.  


  • Cancel that, Ghost-Rider. Solution acheived. I've obviously been staring at this too long.

  • Maggie Ting
    edited 02/24/17

    can you advise your solution?

    Did smart sheet ever reflect changes to correponding activities jus as Microsoft project would do?


  • Maggie - 


    It wasn't an issue of Smartsheet malfunctioning. It's working just as intended. It was an issue of myself comparing two schedules end dates that I had failed to update the starting date on... like, duh. So obviously my end date was going to be two months out when I didn't update the start date to be the actual start date.... It was a facepalm moment.Undecided

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