New Baseline Feature?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
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  • Russell Baines

    Hi all,

    This is certainly a great piece of new functionality and the timing was perfect. I've now been able to baseline all my workstream plans, just as we finished the detailed planning phase of our integration, so many thanks smartsheet!

    Just one comment. I've noticed that when the baselined plan has new tasks and/or milestones added (post baselining), smartsheet doesn't add these new tasks/milestones to the existing baseline, so if these new tasks/milestones slip, they do not register on my baseline variance report. I could reset the entire baseline to capture these new items, but I’ll then loose the existing variances to baseline.  

    Is there any functionality to get these new tasks/milestones added to the existing baseline?

  • paulcampbell

    Hi all - calling any project managers already working with baselined plans BEFORE the new feature launch.

    As some of you may already be aware, if you are a project manager working with legacy plans that already track baselines using baseline start/ end columns, formulas, reports, dashboards of their own design in advance of this new built-in functionality, you will not be able to convert your legacy baselined plans into the new inherent baseline functionality.

    I am working with the Customer Success team to attempt to identify workarounds for now (in the hope that this option is provided by the dev team later).

    Have you been working on this too? Any workarounds you have identified so far?

    Would be great to all share here. I will also post again later with any outputs of the work I am doing on this.

    Thanks all!

  • M. David
    M. David ✭✭✭✭✭


    I don't see any responses to your question. I came here looking for the same thing. I would like to utilize the new functionality of the baseline system along with its reporting feature. I have projects that are currently underway with no way to integrate them into the system. I hope they come up with some kind of solution. Thanks.