🤪 Export to powerpoint for updates - Almost there !

DEW ✭✭✭✭✭

You all have been amazing helpful - Thank you so much!

I can't get past my last hurdle.....

My issue: I need to export my formatted Smartsheet report (we are a MS Office shop) to powerpoint for updating and presenting. There are 10 teams and about 50 people.

1) Option #1 - Export via Excel: Tried.

Status: It looks bad and just not usable. I had to cross this one off.

2) Option #2 - Export PDF: Looks great and I can automate it. However, I need to get it into powerpoint for presentation and updating. I found this tool: https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-ppt, which did the conversion brilliantly.

Status: I need to automate the entire process and somehow do the conversion on prem.

3) Option #3 - 3rd party add in to Smartsheet: Allows for robust reporting, formatting, etc.

Status: I couldn't find anything; Am I looking in the right spot?

My question:

Option #2 - Is there a tool/extension that will add the option of export in Smartsheet to convert it (PDF to PPT or Smartsheet Report to PPT)? 3rd party vendor or something in Microsoft that does a PDF conversion automatically for my users?

Option #3 - That would work - Premium apps or ?