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I JUST started to create projects (it is a huge project with 300 sheets with reports and all that jazz) with Smartsheet for my Team. Now our company is adapting Power BI and from what I hear, they want to use it for reporting and Dashboards.

Has anyone been able to successfully link Smartsheet to Power BI?

How was your experience? Pros, Cons, etc.

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  • Chris Mondeau
    Chris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    IMO while PowerBI can be used for dashboards, it can get expensive quickly if everyone needs to have access to a private dashboard (I think it requires a licensed seat to access, otherwise you need to publish the URL).

    I look at PBI as an analytics tool more than a dashboard tool, as being able to drill down in the reports to discover trends is where PBI shines.

    Granted you will get more visual styles in PBI than in Smartsheet, but for our organization most team members are fine with just a static report or simple chart.

    The connection is relatively simple. I recommend using reports that source workspaces alongside some clever filters. This will keep your connections dynamic so you're not constantly editing PBI queries every time you need to add a new sheet to the workspace.