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Is there a way to show who modified a cell, using a formula?

I don't wan't to know who modified the row, i want to know in column 1 row 2, which user last modified that cell..

Thank you!


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    There is no direct way, but there is a workaround that I think might work. It involves a few helper columns, an automation, and some cross sheet formulas.

    Insert a system generated Modified by column.

    Insert an auto-number column. You don't have to worry about setting anything special for this one.

    Insert a text/number column and use this column formula to replicate the row number in a manner that can be used by other formulas:

    =MATCH([Auto-Number]@row, [Auto-Number]:[Auto-Number], 0)

    Next we add two more text/number columns that we will revisit in a moment.

    Now we duplicate your sheet and remove all data from the duplicate.

    Add a system generated Created (date) column to this one.

    Now we go back to the original sheet to finish out the solution...

    Setup a Copy Row Automation that is to be triggered whenever [Column 1] changes and have the copied row sent to the duplicate sheet.

    Change a few rows to go ahead and test that the automation is working and to get some data onto the duplicate sheet.

    Now we go back to one of those text/number columns that we left blank and enter...

    =MAX(COLLECT({Duplicate Sheet Created (date) Column}, {Duplicate Sheet Row Number Column}, [Row Number]@row)) + ""

    Finally we go to that last text/number column we had created and enter...

    =INDEX(COLLECT({Duplicate Sheet Modified by Column}, {Duplicate Sheet Row Number Column}, [Row Number]@row, {Duplicate Sheet Created (date) Column}, [Max/Collect Column]@row), 1)

    Basically we set it up so that [Column 1] changes trigger a copy row automation. We then use the most recent entry for that particular row number to pull the information from the modified by column.

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