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Dave Gordon
Dave Gordon ✭✭✭✭
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HI there,

I have setup up demo Dynamic View in which the source is a Report that filters the content based on various conditions and this displays correctly when accessing from a Dynamic View.

I have subsequently embedded the Dynamic View into the dashboard, but have noticed that the filter that worked in the Report/Dynamic view only works if I have the Dynamic View open as another tab the browser.

Is this a restriction of embedding a Dynamic View into a Dashboard?

Also, if a field is setup to use "Current User" it works in Dynamic View by when initiated from the Dashboard it uses the Dashboard creator.



  • Jason Tarpinian
    Jason Tarpinian ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I just shared a company dynamic view I own to my personal email to test, and didn't get the same results as you. The embed worked fine and the filter within Dynamic View is working properly (current view only shows specific rows to everyone, and then personal information on a final row).

    The only piece of advice I can offer, as I had issues sharing Dynamic View throughout my company, is verify the web browsers being used. I personally use Chrome, and everything worked great, but we found out that Internet Explorer does not work well with Dynamic View at all.

    Jason Tarpinian - Sevan Technology

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  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Dave Gordon,

    We had recently received reports of some customers experiencing issues with needing to authenticate in a pop-up browser tab when embedding Dynamic View in Web Content Widgets. This issue should now be resolved but if you're experiencing this type of behavior, try refreshing your browser to see if this helps to normalize performance. If it doesn't or if you're experiencing different issues entirely with Dynamic View, I highly recommend reaching out to the Support team as they will be the best resource for troubleshooting.