How do you remove sample data from template sets AND clear out data from 2020 sets to restart 2021

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I am brand new to SmartSheet but immediately recognize the template sets as being extremely useful. I am trying to customize the Marketing Shared Services Template set but... in general HOW do you delete the sample data in the template sets so that you can start using what you customize? I can't clear out the Marketing Request Tracker Sheet to start with #1 again. Seeing as though I can't remove sample data, I assume then that I also don't know how to empty out old data from a template set so that I can start again in a new year.



  • Hi Carole,

    Excellent question! If I understand correctly, you want to know (1) how to clear the data and (2) how to reset the "Request Number" column back to 0? If so...

    (1) To clear the data, hold SHIFT and click the first and last row of the data you want to clear.

    (2) To reset the Request Number column so new requests start back at 0 or 1, you'll need to delete the column and create a new one. Then right-click the header, click Column Properties > Auto-Number/System. From there you can select your display format and starting number. For more information, please visit this help article.

    NOTE: If you want to use a Template Set year over year, I suggest saving the entire folder 'as new' and repeating the steps above. This way you can archive your 2021 Marketing Requests, for example, and start fresh for a new year.

    Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions. Happy to hear you're finding the template sets useful! If you have any specific feedback, please feel free to share it here. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our templates.



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