Project health using DELTA

I am playing with the Project management Office Template.

Each Project has a project planner.

In the project planner there are two sets of dates:



Targeted Start/End

??? How are these two sets of dates suppose to be used ???

Why would they differ?

and how does it all work with the two calculated 'Delta' Fields.

Schedule Delta (%)

Schedule Delta (Working Days)

Thanks, Tom


  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Tom Lombard ,

    Target Start-End are your planned dates. Start-End are actuals. The delta is the difference between planned and actual in % and working days.



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  • Hi Mark (or anyone),

    How are Targeted Start/End different from Baseline Start and Finish? I'm trying to figure out which one to use. So far it appears that Baseline dates auto-populate based on actual Start and End dates but Targeted Start/End do not and I have to manually put those in. I'm not seeing the value and don't understand the Schedule Delta variance percentage either.

  • Parker Oxford
    Parker Oxford ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @tlong2b

    You likely already have a formula in the auto-populating column and will need to copy it to the Targeted delta column and change the column names to the Targeted Start/End Date.

    If you want to post an image of a few columns so me or someone else will be able to help you set the formula up if you need help.