Formulas being converted to values

Hi - I have two sheets where I have created formulas that return a percentage for child tasks based on hours estimated and date ranges that ultimately feed into the resource management view.

The formula works as expected (initially), but when I close the workplan and reopen, it will (at some point), convert the formula to the value, rendering the field static based on the last calculation.

Has anyone else run into this? Any recommendations

Formula: =IFERROR(IF(Hierarchy@row < Hierarchy54, "PARENT TASK", IF(ISBLANK([Updated Date]@row), [Hours Estimate]@row / ([Planned Duration]@row * 8), [Hours Estimate]@row / (([Updated Date]@row - [Planned Start]@row) * 8))), "INCOMPLETE DATA")

Note: The Hierarchy row has the standard hierarchy function, but the formula checks if there is a child task in the next row (e.g., row 53 would check "Hierarchy54", the subsequent line has "Hierarchy55", and so on) underneath it to avoid calculating "Parent" ow percentages (double counts).



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