Project Plan - Excluding rows from the overall completion percentage calculations


I am creating a project plan that will be used for Lifecycle maintenance programmes.

Each project plan will consist of up to 8 different work packages which will have their own task lines in. (See attached pic)

This basic format will be the standard for all Lifecycle programmes. One of these will be for one of the buildings we look after.

Not all programmes will have approved work to do in all 8 work packages so I have created the tick flag to show if they are part of the programme or not.

This will help with reporting and dashboard creation but what I want to do is have the parent % calculations to exclude any rows that are not part of the programme?

As you can see in the pic it shows unticked rows feeding into the parent % total? Even if I delete the row % or N/A it still includes it?

Is there anyway to automatically exclude if not selected?



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