how to get help when smartsheet wont respond to emails and phone calls?


Has anyone had any success dealing with complex screwups by smartsheet?

Smartsheet had a glitch in their system and transferred my paid licence to another employee with the same email domain as mine (we work for the same company). I only found this out after all my online forms went down, and when I logged into my account to find a notice that my 'Free Trial" had ended. ( I have been paying for smart sheet for two years now). After multiple emails, online form submissions, and voicemails to the Finance and Account Department with NO response I reached out to sales as I can actually speak to a real person. The sales people always say they are submitting a ticket on my behalf, though I never receive any response. It's been 15 days now with no access, and no answers to any questions, I don't even know if someone is working on it.

I'm out of options as I have used everything thats available to me. Is there any point in waiting or should I rebuild all my work on a different service?

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