Reminder: Request to join Smartsheet Account

YM Chan
YM Chan ✭✭
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I am the system admin of smartsheet in my organisation, using business plan account.

I have invited some of my colleague as free collaborators to view the sheet. The free users know they only need to view and never request for license.

However I have received the following reminder email from smartsheet for a number of free user:


From: XX

XXX requested a license for the YYY Company Limited Smartsheet account 10 days ago. Grant a license and add them to your team today. 


This is quite misleading as the free user did not really ask for a license. Any thoughts that I can avoid this happen?


YM Chan


  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @YM Chan ,

    From my experience that alert is triggered when a free user clicks the Upgrade icon and selects request a license. Smartsheet sends reminders to generate sales. Understandable.


    I'm grateful for your "Vote Up" or "Insightful". Thank you for contributing to the Community.

  • Martin
    Martin ✭✭
    edited 01/18/22

    I've experienced the same issue for a year now. @YM Chan were you ever able to find a fix or workaround?

  • YM Chan
    YM Chan ✭✭

    Hi Martin,

    Yes and No.

    I figured out that there are external parties shared files to other colleagues in the company using smartsheet. And I am the only licensed user in the company, with the same email suffix.

    And even they did not ask for license, the system will send me the email when others login.

    So, I cannot fix that, but at least I know why the email was triggered.