Restrict a Contact list to a single sheet

My use case is with collaboration with external companies. Currently, Columns listed for Contact List are auto-resolving and showing internal contacts and other external contacts. I'd like to either disable auto-resolve or create a restricted list of contacts only available to those who can view the sheet. Is this possible today?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Matt K

    The Contact Column will show you Contacts that are in your "My Contact" list as well as members of your Organization or Smartsheet Plan. It will also show users shared to the sheet.

    Your "My Contacts" are personal to your account, so any addresses in your own contact list won't automatically show for everyone else. Users shared to the sheet will see if you input any of these contacts, but they won't appear in their own auto-suggestion drop-down. (See this Help Article: Manage Contacts in My Contact List).

    Similarly, users shared to your sheet that are part of a different Smartsheet plan and Organization will only see drop-down suggestions from their own plan. This means they will only be able to see your internal contacts if you select one of those contacts as a value in the Contact Column, does that make sense?

    You can also restrict Contact Columns by adding the exact values/contacts you want in the Column Properties then checking the Restriction box at the bottom. (See: Column Type Reference.)

    You may also want to review this Help Article that goes through Contacts, here: