Using Auto number with child (indented) rows


Is there a way to set up a column with autonumber fields with a format something like: #.#, where the # after the decimal indicates the subtask. For example:

1.0 Task A

2.0 Task B

2.1 Task B1

2.2 Task B2

2.3 Task B3

3.0 Task C

The decimal could be dash or some other character. I'm open to other setups / hierarchical numbering schemes. I'm trying to find a way to prevent task B1 from being auto numbered "3".




  • Bassam Khalil
    Bassam Khalil ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/19/21

    Hi @David Fennell

    Hope you are fine, you can do that by creating another sheet contain all the characters you will use ( A,B,C ....Z) with a counter for how many time you use this character in your original sheet then design a formula to use this counter to format the number of your new row. for example

    if you use B character 6 times randomly in your original sheet then the counter will register 6 and the number for your new task will be ( 2.5 Task B5 ) 

     i did it before and it takes time to design it, so if you interested please call me in my Email : [email protected] or send a whatsapp to my mobile ( +966 530973300 ) and we can discuss this job.

    PMP Certified

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