Group Management: Download list of group members

Hi! I am a sys admin and manage groups for our account.

I have to do an audit/update of a large Group in Group Management. I received a new csv master list of the group of members, including all who are already in the group, and those new members who will need to be added to the group.

I think I have to compare who is in the list against the csv file so I can determine the new members I'll need to add.

But I don't seem to be able to capture the member list from Smartsheet. The Group Sheet Access Report does not contain the list of members.

And I don't see any option to download a member list, nor will it allow me to select the text of the list of members within my browser so that I can copy and paste into my excel file.

Any suggestions?

Jodie Kelley - Sys Admin, Hines

[email protected]

2020 Smartsheet Product Certification