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I am using a separate sheet to calculate unique names (employees/visitors) who have visited the respective locations, separated by morning and afternoon sessions. I was using Sheet Summary in the source sheet but the numbers don't refresh by itself for some reasons, hence I have created a "metrics" sheet. The results are shown as Metrics in a dashboard.

For employees, this is the formula:

=COUNT(DISTINCT(COLLECT({Form Name}, {Form Work Location}, "Building A", {Form Date}, TODAY(), {Form Session}, "Morning")))

1st Problem: Somehow, the result for Building A is not accurate though it's ok for Building B. I have no idea why.

For non-employees, this is the formula:

=COUNT(DISTINCT(COLLECT({Form Visitor Name}, {Form Visitor Location}, "Building A", {Form Date}, TODAY())))

2nd Problem: The results are accurate for non-employees but the numbers seem to change by itself occasionally, not sure if it's because there are new records added in the source sheet. I have to go into the metrics sheet to refresh (pressing F5) and save the file before it will show accurately in the dashboard.

Any advice?


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  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @firestorm ,

    I suspect your issue is caused by the time stamp in your submission date column. The dates and times look right by when used in a formula produce UTC results not local time. To check it, insert a column [date only] and insert the column formula =DATEONLY([Submission Date]@row). You'll likely find that some of the dates returned don't match your submission column.

    There are some techniques to correct that if you find it's the issue.


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