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Can you use an "IF" function with a dropdown?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have a dropdown list in one column with 5 options to select.


I want a Text/Number column to produce a designated value based on the option selected from the dropdown:


Dropdown contains : Project, Small Project, etc.

Values would be Project = 10, Small Project = 9


Every attempt tells me #UNPARSEABLE.


What am I doing wrong?



  • Carter Leffen

    Two columns: Projects & Values


    Projects Dropdown values:

    • Project
    • Small Project
    • Very Small Project
    • Crazy Small Project
    • Sub-Atomic Project



    Formula to have in Values field:

    =IF(Projects1 = "Project", 10, IF(Projects1 = "Small Project", 9, IF(Projects1 = "Very Small Project", 8, IF(Projects1 = "Crazy Small Project", 7, IF(Projects1 = "Sub-Atomic Project", 6)))))


    When you select one of the projects from the dropdown, the value field will update to the appropriate number.


    • Project = 10
    • Small Project = 9
    • Very Small Project = 8
    • Crazy Small Project = 7
    • Sub-Atomic Project = 6
  • Mandie

    I am working on something very similar but can't seem to make it work?

    =IF(Performance Level = "Unacceptable - Rarely Evident", 1, IF(Performance Level = "Needs Improvement - Sometimes Evident", 2, IF(Performance Level = "Developing - Approaching Standard", 3, IF(Performance Level= "Skilled - Meeting Minimum Standard", 4, IF(Performance Level = "Exceeded Standard", 5, IF(Performance Level= "Mastered", 6))))))


    I tried adding the "1" in front of the column name as you did above, that didn't work either. Please help!


  • Soumya Gupta

    I was able to implement this functionality for a single value but for multiple selection from dropdown I am getting unparseable.

    For single selection:

    =IF([Impacted Pillar]1 = "People First", 1, IF([Impacted Pillar]1 = "Strong Capabilities", 1, IF([Impacted Pillar]1 = "Sustainability", 1, IF([Impacted Pillar]1 = "Safety Always", 1))))

    For multiple selection:

    =IF(AND([Impacted Pillar]3 = "Strong Capabilities"), ([Impacted Pillar]3 = "Safety Always"), 2, IF(AND([Impacted Pillar]3 ="Strong Capabilities"), ([Impacted Pillar]3 = "People First"), 2,))

    Basically, I want to show 2 in another column if two values are selected from the dropdown.

    Similarly, 3 if 3 values are selected and 4 if all have been selected.


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