Is there a way to update source sheets for multiple reports?

We created about 30 reports. Each of them is taking the data from multiple sheets (each sheet is a project that our team is working on.). When we add a new sheet (new project), we have to go through each report one at a time and add the new sheet to the source data in the report template. This is very time-consuming when our project portfolio changes consistently throughout the year.

Is there a way to update the source sheets for multiple reports at a time? Or is there a better way for us to handle this?

Thank you.

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    Hi @Atipol Kanchanapiboon

    You can either add all the sheets in one or multiple workspaces and let the report(s) reference them because then the report will automatically be updated.

    Another option and a solution that would be perfect for this use-case is the premium add-on, Control Center.

    More info: 

    Would any of those options work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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