Does Smartsheet provide a means of calculating project costs over time?

Hi all,

I'm currently setting up a number of project plans on Smartsheet and need to also implement a budget plan for these, particularly to baseline how costs are projected to be spent over time.

What I am looking for is an in-built means of calculating the sum of resource rates and material costs over time, throughout the various different stages of the project. I know this is possible on MS Project, but can seem to figure out how to do so on Smartsheet.

From what I've read 10,000ft provides a solution for this, but I don't want to make another purchase at this stage.

Can anyone advise if there is a solution on the regular Smartsheet Business Plan I can make use of, or whether I will need to build this capability into the project plans myself?

Many thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Gerhard da Costa Pinto


  • While Im by no means an expert, I am in a similar boat where we're creating our project infrastructure, including project budget templates. Part of that is understanding project cash flow on a per month basis so we can better forecast upcoming expenditures for any given project any given month.

    Obviously a project cash flow isn't perfectly linear (equal amounts per month of duration) but a manual breakdown of schedule with % cash flow is my best approximation to "automate" this task but its by no means a perfect solution - rather a ballpark.


    Duration 4 months

    Jan, Feb, March, April

    20% - 30% - 40% - 10%

    Something like that?