Can I use an If and lookup formula in one formula?


I have two formula's that work separately and cannot get them to work together.

I have a formula that returns a $ figure with this formula. =LOOKUP(Level@row, [Sports Level]:[Base Rate], 2, false

Then I have this formula which returns a $0.00 with this formula =IF([Mobile Unit Base]@row > 0, "$0.00")

I am trying to get them both to work in the same cell and having little luck.

So if if doesn't return a 0.00, it will return the lookup value. (Also would like this to be usable as a column formula when it's all said and done if possible.)

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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  • Ross Ihrig
    Ross Ihrig ✭✭
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    Have you given this a try? If this formula doesn't work, perhaps it is a data type issue.

    =IF([Mobile Unit Base]@row > 0, "$0.00", VLOOKUP(Level@row, [Sports Level]:[Base Rate], 2, false))