How can I get colors to accurately reflect on the calendar app?

Rick_Bailey ✭✭✭✭✭
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@Genevieve P I am using a report with dropdowns as my source and on the calendar app, am using 'color by column' under the 5th tab (Time and Design) however it is not reflecting on my calendar view with the colors. As well, colors I've selected on the 3rd tab (Map Columns), aren't reflecting on the calendar accurately either. Can you let me know what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Rick_Bailey

    The way that your colours show up in the Calendar App will depend on which view you have chosen.

    For example, if you have "Multi-Month" selected, then your Grouping colours (tab 3) will be the headers for the groups. Then the colours of the tasks/cards will be based on your "colour by column" selection (tab 5).

    However, if you are looking at the Calendar in the "Month" view, then only the task/card colouring will show (tab 5) as it takes precedence over the grouping colouring (tab 3) in this view. Does this make sense?

    If this doesn't explain the behaviour you're seeing, it would be very helpful to see a screen capture of the Calendar App (identifying which view you're in), a screen capture of both tab 3 and tab 5, and if possible, a screen capture of the source sheet. But please block out any sensitive data!



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