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Hi everyone,


Apologies all, it seems I have managed to figure out the below and have previously had help with a similar query - see link for solution.


Please disregard.


I am attempting to implement some kind of look up table where I can use VLOOKUP or INDEX and MATCH to find the associated value. I'm having a little trouble with the formula to do this.

The work flow is as follows (see image for a visual aid): User inputs data through a Smart Form - this goes into my Raw Data Sheet - lets call this Sheet A (LH side on image). A helper column (in example below: the column is result) at the end of sheet A is where I intend to perform the formula down the list of entries.

Lets assume user made three entries. FieldA, FieldB, FieldC.

Now, a separate Look Up table exists on a different sheet (RH side of image) - lets call this Sheet B. On this sheet FieldA associates with 1 on the same row, FieldB with 2 on the same row and FieldC with 3 on the same row.

In this example, essentially, I am attempting to bring Column 5 into result based on Primary column and Column4 being the same.

Assistance on this is most appreciated.



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