Edit Permissions to a Report without access to source sheet

Hi Lovely Smartsheet Community.

I think I am asking a question I already know the answer to, but will ask it anyway.

I have an external developer working on a project who I would like to be able to update actions directly on a report which is derived from a much larger project sheet. Due to the sensitive nature to some of the items on the source sheet I cannot share this with the developer.

I created a report thinking that if I shared this with him and gave him edit rights, he would be able to update directly, but he can't see any of the data (just presented with the headings and blank rows). So clearly this isn't the answer. I then published, only to realise that this gives view only access.

So I am concluding that unless he has access to the source sheet (which is just not an option), there is no way he can make updates directly and I will need to do these for him.

I found an old, closed thread regarding this same matter going back to 2016 and up to late 2019 where many have voted for this functionality. So I wanted to check that I haven't missed something which Smartsheet has rolled out that will solve this issue.

If not, I would love to know if anyone has found a work around. I am thinking that I could create a new sheet that links to the source sheet and share that with him, but really would rather not go down that route as I would have to create links both ways, on all columns and that just isn't really practical.

I will also submit a feature request for this as I view this as a critical collaboration requirement.

Many thanks