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I've been trying to determine a formula I can use on a SEPERATE Sheet that will pull from the sheet in the screenshot a:

- Monthly SUM number of items that are In Review, Awaiting Publication, Published/Live, etc. (i.e., the "Status" column in screenshot) so, for February, number of items in review, awaiting publication, etc. based on the Pub Date column.

-then, how many articles each month are assigned to XX Executive to track monthly benchmarks, based on Pub date column


I have read every article and cannot find something that will work. Any help would be great!



  • Debbie Sawyer
    Debbie Sawyer ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Set up a column in your Grid sheet with the different status' as headings then in the next column put in:

    =COUNTIFS({refer to the status column in the source sheet},Status@row,{refer to the Pub Date column in the Source sheet},ISDATE(@cell),{refer to the Pub Date column in the Source sheet},Month(@cell)=2)

    This will look at the source sheet's status column and count all the entries that match the Status heading in your stats sheet, where the publication date in the source sheet is February.

    Good luck!

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