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I'm trying to sum all the values in a 2 axis matrix that meet a criteria for row and column.

Name on rows and columns could be repeated.

In the example of the image the result be 11.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Bassam Khalil
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    Hi @Jorge Licea

    Hope you are fine, i confirm what @SK says in his excellent answer and i advice you to change your intake sheet format to be as following and use for sum the following formula

    =SUMIFS([w1]:[w1], Employee:Employee, Criteria2, W:W, Criteria1) + SUMIFS([w2]:[w2], Employee:Employee, Criteria2, W:W, Criteria1) + SUMIFS([w3]:[w3], Employee:Employee, Criteria2, W:W, Criteria1)

    here is a link to a sample sheet i prepare for you to test and change the criteria and see the result in Sum

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