Workflow Notification to My Smartsheet Contacts


I have a workflow setup to notify 4 distribution lists which are standard email addresses. I had to add these distribution lists to my Smartsheet contacts for them to become an option in the workflow. I have Automation Permissions set to Unrestricted for the sheet. My notifications are not going to any of the distribution lists. I have tested that the work flow works as expected by narrowing the notifications to one of the DL's and myself individually. I get the notification but no one on the DL does. Is there a limitation to sending notifications to DL's or contacts that are only in my Smartsheet Contacts?


  • Ayelet Weiner
    Ayelet Weiner ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have automated workflows that send the notification emails to more than one email address with no issue. Although I've never tried a distribution list. Have you asked anyone within the distribution list to double check their spam folder? That might be it. The other thing it could be is that if they're a smartsheet user, it could be that they have email unchecked in their personal notification settings.

    Just throwing around some ideas.

  • Hi Ayelet,

    Thank you for the suggestions. I have asked them to check their junk or spam folders and have checked individuals from the DL's are receiving other notifications from Smartsheet. As a workaround I have listed all people in the DL's separately in the notification and all are receiving them now. This is not ideal because the DL's will change and I would have to maintain in two places. I would much rather use the DL.