Hi All,

Smartsheet newbie here 👋 trying to figure out what seems to be a basic formula with no luck...

I would like my "At Risk" column flag to get checked if the "Due" column date is past today OR if the "At Risk" dropdown is selected on the "Status" column. Here's my started formula that doesn't include the OR:

=IF(ISDATE(Due#), IF(AND(TODAY() > Due#), 1))

Thank you so much!



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Alexandra Reeder

    Try this

    =IF(ISDATE([Due#]@row), IF(OR([Due#]@row < TODAY(), Status@row = "At Risk"), 1))

    This will check the box anytime the Due# is less than Today, regardless of any other status. If you are tracking 'complete' or some other indicator we might need to also incorporate that into your formula to turn off the checkbox

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