Different Email Address to Contact List

I have a major issue that I don't know how to fix, and I need help. I can't explain what's going on and I'm hoping someone else has experienced and can advise me.

I have a smartsheet that has 3 columns that are set up as contact lists. I have manually entered each and every contact for the lists. I haven't imported anything from elsewhere.

Recently we had a scheduled update that was supposed to go out, that never arrived with the intended recipient. When we investigated we discovered that it had been sent to an entirely different email address. An email address I have not added to the smartsheet.

I work for my local authority, so all email addresses end with the same suffix: @randomshire.gov.uk (obviously not the real one). Every contact on the sheet has the same suffix. However, something is wrong with one contact.

At first glance (and second and third glances) the email address for this contact says John.Smith@Randomshire.gov.uk. It's the entry on the contact list for each column, and is the entry on the contact list within my account settings. However, when you hover the cursor over the top of his name the given email address is John.Smith@SPECIFICshire.gov.uk, and it is this email address that the 'Pending update requests' envelope to the left of the row says has been used for the update request.

I did not enter this email address. It appears nowhere on the sheet and is in no contact list.

Having contacted smartsheet they say that this name obviously appears in either a contact list, or he has had the smartsheet shared with him. He has not. The SPECIFICshire.gov.uk email address does not exist within the context of the smartsheet or any smartsheet I may have created in the past.

Can anyone shed light on where this email may be coming from?


  • Hello @MatR ,

    I see that you are already speaking with our Support Team regarding this.

    Although I'm unable to discuss any details regarding accounts on this Forum, I will allow our Support Team to reach out regarding this.

    We appreciate your patience as we attempt to resolve this.

    Kindest Regards