Is there a limit to how many unique forms I can create for a single sheet?

I am working on a solution that requires a unique url form for each client - I'm passing hidden fields in each form to indicate which client submitted the request - is there a limit to how many forms I can add on a single smartsheet?


  • Adrian Backus
    Adrian Backus ✭✭✭✭

    Hi there,

    I have never run across anything to indicate that there's a limit to the number of forms that you can create off of a single sheet, and I can't find any documentation saying there is.

    That said, depending on your scale, your form management might get a bit unwieldy. Some alternatives might be to have the client type in or select their name in a field and then create a separate client list to link that back to their account.

  • Thanks! Can't do the type in or select option since we are embedding the form in a client-specific web portal that they have already signed in to on our website to access - without API integration, this was the best workaround I could configure.

    Thanks again