How can I do a check on data that is "filtered by connector - not synced" to omit data from formula

Dom Carissimi
Dom Carissimi ✭✭
edited 02/10/21 in Formulas and Functions


I am using a Jira connector and am looking to eliminate any row that's been filtered out by the Jira connector. Is the filtered data in the SmartSheet tagged in any way to use it in a formula? In my dashboard I want specific filtered data omitted from my metrics. Thank you,




  • Sean Morgan

    Hello @Dom Carissimi,

    After some investigation, I don't think there would be a method of excluding JIRA items based on an API Tag, as these are system values, rather than cell values.

    If there are any differences between the JIRA Data and the manual input Cell data, you may be able to create a Formula around this E.G If JIRA Adds an ID number to JIRA data rows, you could us ISBLANK in your Formula when referencing the Column.

    Are you able to confirm if JIRA imports data only on JIRA Rows, or does it apply data to all rows with no difference in cell data between JIRA and Smartsheet?



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