Adding columns to Intake Sheet


We have a blueprint that was created over a year ago that includes an intake sheet. I want to add columns to the intake sheet, though they aren't needed in project provisioning. They are for reports that are built using intake sheet data. Can I add columns to the intake sheet as needed or will it break anything when I go to create projects in control center?


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    You should be fine as long as they are added to the far right of the existing table..

    If you start inserting columns say between columns 5 and 6 then Vlookups, Index, Matches and sheet linkages will start failing or returning weird information.. when they start going to look for the 6th column..

    If users then get confused with the additional columns trying to tie them back.. Say with columns 1 and 2 simply build a report and change the order there.. don't drag the column over.

    Side story my controller started going into my invoice table and resorting the records and moving columns and adding ones thinking it was just Excel.. as he was doing reconciliation.. broke a bunch of stuff..

    The result was a bunch of data came in via forms and caused a major amount of work as the data was going in out of order and not with the proper formulas in the cells at the bottom of the table.

    I talked to him once and then he did it again next quarter so I just created some reports and sorted them the way he wanted and the problem went away.. and steered him away from the sheet itself

    Let me know how it goes