Copying and paste hierarchy

Is there an easier way to copy and paste the hierarchy that has been created without having to opening all the cells up and do a massive copy and paste? We work with hundreds of lines a data and a simple one cell copy and paste hierarchy would save hours of work.


  • This is not my issue, my issue is if I indent rows and add rows under them. When I got to copy and paste I had to expand all the rows and copy and paste. So for this we are using smartsheets as commissioning equipment where we have have hundreds of equipment names. Once I build out the hierarchy is there a way to copy and paste all the rows indented under the main row? So if I got to delete a row that had indented rows under it it will delete all of them not just the row I am deleting. I would think there would be a way to highlight that one row that has all the indented rows under it to paste it but it will only paste that one row. Also it would be nice to be able to share folders instead of individual sheets. Our projects tend to have multiple sheets for one project in a folder but I have to share each sheet instead of the folder.