Need help with cross sheet reference to update a master tracker


I have two worksheets. A master tracker "Post Award Study Set up), and a sheet to receive new customer service requests that would pertain to either projects currently listed on the master tracker or would add a new line to it.

Workflow is such, my departmetn sees all new awards before any other Dept and we start a tracking line item in smartsheet. As the project progresses team members are assigned to different stages and start to ask for different types of deliverables. We do not know the team members in advance, they have to submit a form with a request for a delivery date and their name, email etc.

I'd like to cross reference the information we receive through form inputs as new staff join the project back to the master tracker, to update empty fields in the original entry as well as checkmark what deliverable has been requested.

See screen shot of Master Tracker (sheet to be ultimately updated ). See the yellow items that I'd like to be updated when we get new requests for service (from forms). In this example we logged the item to our worklist, but are waiting for the project to have a PM assigned and for them to submit a T/V request.

See screen shot of request form intake sheet, where all the form requests go when submitted (when the PM is assigned submits the request for service).

I Highlight the information to be added to the master tracker empty cells of the same name, IF the protocol number is ALREADY EXISTING on the master tracker, ELSE just add a new row to the master tracker with the request information. In this case, see Request tracker Protocol Number matches Master Tracker Protocol entry.