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Hello Community,

You can now publish a sheet, report, or Smartsheet Sight™ from Smartsheet to a Teams channel to transform conversations into action! Add a sheet from Smartsheet as a tab in a channel, for example, to provide people with a work management resource they can interact with from within Microsoft Teams.

Get started today with the Smartsheet for Teams article in the Help Center.



  • Does Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams requires the desktop application?  The Help Center article seems to imply this.  We have tried to use it with Teams on several browsers and get errors when trying to connect to Smartsheet. 


    Chrome says "The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address."


    Internet Explorer says "Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate."


  • Hello Mark,  I'm sorry to hear you've run into an issue.  Smartsheet's Teams integration works with both the Teams desktop and web clients.   I believe the issue you are seeing is related to DNS.  We created a new subdomain for the integration.  You may need to refresh your DNS so that the subdomain and certificate records get updated.  Please let us know if that solves the issue.

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    Hi Mark—


    I also wanted to point out that we modified the Help Center article to provide more precise language on Smartsheet for Teams being compatibile with both the desktop and browser apps.


    You can find the Help Center article here:

  • Flushing DNS in our firewall did not solve the problem.  I will follow up with your support team.

  • I do not see SmartSheet for teams in the list of available tabs I can add.  Is MS rolling this option out slowly?

  • Hello JWilliams,   

    Are you accessing Teams from a browser or desktop client?   The browser client received the Teams tab last week, you can access the browser client at .   The desktop client was updated late Monday this week.  You can update your desktop Teams app by clicking in the bottom left corner of the app and then selecting "Check for updates".   If that doesn't please contact our support team.  Thanks.



  • Hi,

    I am trying to add Smartsheet tab to a Teams channel on a Mac but it does not show up as a selection.  This is on the desktop app.

    Is it available for Macs?




  • Hello @Don Mullins.  Smartsheet's Teams integration is available with the Mac, PC, and web Teams' clients.  If you aren't seeing Smartsheet or other 3rd party integrations when you click the "+" add tabs button, please try the following:

    First - try the web client, .  If the Smartsheet integration is available via the add tabs button in the web client, the most likely solution is to update your Mac desktop client.  The Teams Mac client can be a bit finicky when it comes to updates and you may need to uninstall and reinstall to get the latest update.  

    Second - if the integration isn't available in the web client your O365 Administrator may have turned off "tabs and bots" in Teams.  "Tabs and bots" need to be turned on (they are by default) in order to access the Smartsheet integration.  Your O365 Administrator would follow these steps to re-enable bots and tabs:


    1. Select Admin to go to the Office 365 Admin Center.
    2. From Settings, select Services & add-ins or Apps.
    3. From the list of services and add-ins, or apps, select Teams.
    4. On the Teams settings screen, toggle Enable bots and tabs in Teams, and then select Save.

    If the two solutions above do not resolve the issue, please reach out to Smartsheet support and we'd be happy to troubleshoot further.  



  • Hi, I'm testing the Smartsheet-Teams integration for our company and we keep running into an error with logging in. Logging in and setting up a Smartsheet tab works fine the first time, but when a user is required to log in again (I'm assuming due to time outs or a new user accessing a sheet), the functionality stops working. The Smartsheet tab says, "Please log in to your Smartsheet account to access this published item", but when you click the Login button, in some cases nothing happens and in other cases a Chrome window pops up to login, but then nothing happens. Can you look into this issue? 




  • @kharris - please reach out to Smartsheet's support team so we can help you troubleshoot the issue. .



  • Si Spence
    Si Spence ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm starting to explore MS Tams as a workaround to compensate for the poor discussion functionality with SS.  I don't really need the hassle of onboarding something else although i'm feel pressure from colleagues to do something to help our flow further.

    Are SS ready to beta the advance discussion functionality that has been much talked about or do i need to look elsewhere for a fix?

    Thanks, Si.

  • Ron42na
    Ron42na ✭✭✭✭

    I can get Smartsheet to post to Teams, but I can't find a way to delete a post in Teams once it's created - is this supported?

  • Joe Prinzivalli
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    Did you get this resolved? I'm encountering the same issue with a sheet tab in Teams, but not with the dashboard tab.


  • Brendon McHugh
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    Hi guys, I have no issues getting SS added as a tab. Initially it displays content but after a time it displays:

    "Please long in to your SS account to access this published item." with a log in button.

    Clicking the button opens a web page but it then disappears immediately. 

    I've turned off any pop up blockers but no change. I'm already logged into SS on my Mac. If I delete and then add SS tab it works.

    My Teams is a private area.

    If I click the globe icon, the SS opens perfectly in a browser.

    Any ideas?

    Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 1.25.36 PM.png

  • @Brendon

    Facing exact same issue. Were you able to resolve?